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enlarged heart fluid

im 44
i got severe brohnchitis in dec and my xray showed some white patches lower right side
which the dr said could be pneumonia
i smoked for 22 years i coughed so hard that i broke some capillaries and spit blood for 3 days
the first dr put me on amoxicilion which was not strong enough
so i had to stop mid way and swith to augmenton
it was a rough 20 days fighting it
i felt a bit better for a few weeks after the antibiotics were done
im still coughing flem but i have no fever or pain of anykind
i went back in beacuse i felt very winded when i would walk up the stairs
the dr did another xray
and thank god the lungs were clear
however my heart looked big on the xray
so my dr did an immediate echocardiogram and said i had some extra fluid in my percardial sac
ive never heard of anything like this
he said i would be fine and made me an appt for the cardio dr
they are supposed to call within the next week or so
heres my question and dilemna
i am prone to panic attacks
i also have sleep apnea
i also am still coughing phlegm from bronchitis hanging on a bit
i havent smoked in 30 days while going through all of this
so heres the question
at times when i exert myself to much i get a tight feeling and breath heavy for like 45 seconds or until i sit
when i cough up the phlemgm i tend to feel better
this is only in the evening after the 1 lortab i take a day wears off
the big question
could the symptoms im having be related to the enlarged heart fluid thing?
i have no other symptoms
no chest pain
no pain at all except for a hernia i have
i have read that the fluid could be caused from the pneumonia and or all the medication i have been on
i get panicky thinking that the fluid is causing chest tightness(you know the whole heart attack thing)
theres no rubbing noises or friction feeling just a tightening and uneasy feeling
I am sure the cardiologist will answer all this but until then anybody know much about enlarged hearts on an xray after an infection
with the medication the panic attacks the quitting smoking the bronchitis i truly want to beleive this fluid thing is minor and will go away
after i take zanax the breathing issues subside
but there are definate berathing issues still
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When having heart problems the symptom can be shortness of breath and you can cough up clear or white mucus.  If the mucus you are coughing up is a different color, then you most likely have the infection still.  Both antibiotics you were taking are not that strong.  Amoxicillin does not work on any of our family members and Augmentin does.  Augmentin is actually amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium.  Hope you are feeling better soon.  
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