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enlargement of

Iam suresh,age 50yrs,suffering from rheumatic heart disease.undergone

open heart surgery for mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valvotomy

in the year 1992 and i was all right with 5.5cm Left atrium up to

December2007and the LV EF was60%.After 2 months i become very

weekandlossed more than 10 kg wt2D echo showed LA size as 5.9 and LV EF

as35%,prosthetic valve funcctiong well.After taking treatment I was all

right with 60% LV Efand improved wt to 62kg.surprisingly since 15days

iam getting week.On doing 2D Echo,the LA size is6.9cm  n LV EF is 60%

and the NT-proBnp is 79.1.

     Iam taking tab cordorone-100mg once daily,                      

tab Eptus(epleronone)-25mg oncedaily,dytor-10mg,acetrome-3mg,  

Lanoxine-.25mg(1/2tab),metoprolol succinate-50mg(morning),25mg(bed

      Question is why the LA becoming such a large size,is there any

chances of heart failure with this enlargement.Is there any surgery or

any procedure to reduce the size of Lv size.Is it a reason for getting

week n weight loss.
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Usually, there ia valve problem that causes an increase in size of the LA, and that in turn causes an increase in size of LV..the condition is related to intra heart pressure.  The size of the LV can be helped by reducing the heart's workload with medication.  

I encourage you consult with your doctor.  The problem could be related to your heart valves, and/or medical prescriptions need adjusting or changed.  Possibly the heart is overworked by pumping against constricted vessels and that can be helped.
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