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everyday Palpatations normal?

I was diagnosed with slight mvp about 5 years ago. Had and echo done March 2001 everything was normal except for slight mvp.  In March of 2002 I began experiencing daily palpatations.  I was very nervous about this although my cardiologist and M.D. assured me not to worry.  I asked for a 24 Hr holter and sure enough, it caught about 130 PVC's and some PAC's. Mostly at night.  I am currently on 37mg of Atenenol daily taken in the A.M. My cardiologist and M.D. say I don't need another echo now and say I can feel these daily(I do some days worse than others but always 50 or so)and not to worry. Do I need another echo now?
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Katie Fran,

130 PVCs per 24 hr holter, is approximately 5-6 per hour, or 1 every 10 minutes.  This number of PVCs in someone with a structurally normal heart (which would include slight MVP) would not cause much concern for most doctors.  However, many patients will feel these as uncomfortable, or worse.

From the information given, I do not see any need for repeat echo, but perhaps intensification of medical therapy is warranted.

Talk to your doctor.  Hope that helps.
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Hi Katie!  I too was diagnosed with mild mvp.  Although I don't feel like I have the symptoms of MILD mvp.  I have palpitations and pvcs.  I have noticed that I have more pvcs and palpitations the week of my period.  My heart rate is also increased.  I have been trying to post my history and ask a few questions but I don't make the cut in time.  So here it is back in March I went to the er with my heart racing for 8 hours at er was 173 bpm.  Stress test - negative, echo - mild mvp, holter test - svt, and now I have an appointment to get an ep study done.  B/c rather than getting my symptoms masked I would like to know why all of a sudden I started having trouble.  I am currently on 100 mg of Toprol.  I just want to get back to normal before I started feeling every little thing that goes wrong in my chest.
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Thanks for responding.  I don't notice any increase at the time of my cycle, but rather when I am laying down or even just relaxing.  It seems that when I keep busy throughout the day I don't feel them.  It is not that I just don't notice them when I am busy, because when I had my holter, I was able to post in the journal every time they occurred while I was awake.  I agree that it is frustrating not knowing the cause, and that there is nothing that I can do. Good Luck.
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Hello there.  I too experience more palps during the week of my period.  I wonder why is this.  Also I was wondering, do your palps feel like your heart pauses for a sec???
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yes......my heart feels like it pauses for a second with my PAC's.  I can also get a second or two of light headedness.

have no idea what started mine as I have had a Hysterectomy. Holter monitor showed many many PAC'over a 24 hour period. The cardio doc said Benign PAC's and to live with them.  They have mostly gone away on their own with no meds.  I hated them and still do but with time....mine got better.

Good Luck to all of you.
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I was wondering what the difference is between a pvc and a pac?  I have heard that hormones have alot to do with your heart palpitations and pvcs during your period although there is no connection they say.  I think that there is.  I have never had any trouble with my period as far as pms.  Now I have cramps, irritability, heavier flow and it last longer than it used to so I do think it is all related.  It started about the same time frame.  Although I do experience the palpitations and pvcs all month long.

I feel a tingle sensation and then I feel it catch a beat.  I don't know how exactly to describe it.  Are any of you on medication for your palpitations or pvcs?  I would love to be able to come off of this Toprol but I am scared of what I will experience if I do.  I think I am canceling my appt. for an ep study.  I have read too many horror stories.  I would like to get a second opinion.  And why all of a sudden do we have to live with this???
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