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fast breath problem

My mother is about 64 years old. She has a problem that whenever she walks she has fast breath even if she walks only 25 steps her breath is fast that she has to stop for a while. When she lie down to sleep again she has this problem that her breath is fast so she feels uneasy to sleep rather cannt sleep.

Pls help me what to do, I took her to the doctor, they took her blood and her liver, kidney and heart all are well. But she has fast breathening... What is this and what should I do?

Pls help me to do some thing. also tell me some exercise to help me in this regard.

Yours sincere,

A poor friend who is suffering
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I would go back to the doctor or to another doctor.  She might need more tests on her heart and lungs.  Something is not right.  Good luck.
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It is very worrying for the person concerned when there is functional (walking) or positional shortage of breath. For a deeper understanding of the potential causes please read:
All the best to you.
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