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fast heartbeat and chest pain withswollen and bruised hands after work out.

The past two weeks both my pinky fingers have been getting swollen and I dont know why. It sometimes goes to both ring fingers as well. Yesterday I played basketball at the gym and noticed my heart racing and sat down. I noticed my right hand had swelled up and it was hard to make a fist. My pinky and ring finger were swollen. Today I woke up and on the palm of my hand where the ring finger and pinky, there is a bruise. What could this be? heart problem? clogged artery? blood clot? I have an appointment with my doctor on friday but wanted to see if anyone had any clues. Thanks
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I would also like to add my back has been hurting for a couple weeks. When i breathe in it hurts on the left side near the shoulder blade. I sometimes feel tenderness on one of the rib cages as well.
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There is a spontaneous bruising thing that is generally considered benign (but is a tad more common in something called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome).  However, it is not usually symmetrical.

Use your trusty iphone to document this swelling and bruising whenever it occurs.  It makes a doctor's job a litle easier.

In terms of diagnosis, much depends on your age, sex, physical condition, and family history.   You will almost certainly be OK until your appointment.   In the meantime, write down as much as you can think of that might be relevant, and if you can, contact your family and ask if anyone else has similar symptoms.  Heredity matters.
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Thank you.
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