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faster heart rate after A-FIB ablation

I just under went A-FIB ablation 6 weeks ago.  Prior to the procedure, I took 25mg metoprolol 2/day which can control my HR between 65-95. Right after the procedure, my baseline heart rate went up.  I have to increase my metoprolol to 50mg 3/day. With the 3 times dosage, my HR is still 81-110.  During the 3rd week after the procedure, I experience consecutive extra beats.  But most of the time, it's just single extra beat. But the faster HR makes me very uncomfortable.  It has been 6 weeks now, the fast HR still not come down. I have avoid all the physical activity.  Sometimes I feel I need even more dosage (I'm thin 108lb). With b-blocker, my blood pressure is OK (systolic 120-95/diastolic 85-70). But it causes me sleep problem.   My questions are: When can I expect the fast HR to come down?  Will my body become rely on high dosage of b-blocker?
What's the long term problem for high dosage of b-blocker?  What should I do?  Thanks for your advise.
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BTW, my age is 44, female.
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You should consider a pace maker. It will control your heartbeat at certain beats per minute.  See your cardioligist and ask him for advise.
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does anyone know of a device that will give you an audible of your pulse, that is cheap and portable.  Carlton Faulconer
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I would like to clarify that my heart rate does not jump up and down between the number I quoted 80-110.  The range 80-110 is for all the measurements I took during the whole day.  For instance, I would wake up with a HR 108.  1 hour after 50mg metoprolol, the HR goes down to 90.  6 hours later it becomes 108 again.  So I have to take another 50mg otherwise I would fell palpitation.  
Q1 - Does normal people's *rest HR* suppose to stay about the same during the whole day?
Q2 - Does my symptom look like too much adrenaline? which can mean underline condition. But why before the procedure my symptom or HR can be controlled by much lower dosage of b-blocker?  Further advise are appreciated.
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