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future heart tests

maybe im being naive, many many people exercise to the level i do, probably more!
i exercise weightlifting 5 times a week, and skip 3 times a week for 10 minutes.
ive previously had around 30 resting ecg's - many would be 90bpm if not higher due to stress and anxiety at a n e.
ive had a treadmill stress ecg lasting 12 minutes
ive had a resting echo-cardiogram
and ive had a 48hr holter monitor

all these screenings revealed was sinus tachy - due to anxiety
and about 20 pvc's daily

im alot better mentally now and tend not to worry no where near as much!
however, will i need any of these repeating in the next 5 - 10 years?
i was 20 when they were all performed. they were done because i was having pvcs during exercise.
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