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gas and heart palpitation

I have been diagnosed with acid reflux earlier this year and I have been having heart palpitations ever since of and on. I
did the holter monitoring test, EKG and ecko cardiogram which came out all perfect. Nothing is wrong. I get so scared
though. Sometimes I can't sleep at night. I do suffer from gas. Does anyone know what foods relieve this gas pain. alot of the foods that I eat seem to contain gas. One recommend garlic, ginger and orange peel, boil together and drink real hot, that worked for a while, but then the gas pain conitnued. Any more suggestions from any one will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Gas and bloating and trapped gas - is common if your certin medications , as they can cause this to happen/ as well with acid reflux , you should be taking somekind of med for it (to stop it from happening)  gas can cause palps to happen in some cases.  yes it depends what your eatting too!  try and eat as blan as you can - dont drink soda pop's
fizzy drinks - eat slow and try to keep the mouth closed when eatting, dont talk while eatting. as air gets down inside you - thus gas builds up.  

I for now have this problem with trapped gas pushing upwords, causing massive cramps
and pains!  I take gas X pills 4 or 6 of them at a time along with ant acid chew pill..
this helps but takes a few mins to work.  trapped gas and gas build up can mock or fake
heart attack symptoms - as iv been in the ER  twice  thinking im having a heart attack !
and it was trapped gas.    
most of my problems are caused by Medications ( side effects )  for h.b.p
and Most Doctors , dont want to hear about those things.  best to try Gas X pills
and a good anti acid  twice a day.    water is very good to drink as it helps flushing
out the body .  also helps in keeping us all hydrated well.  so cramps are less likely to happen ..  

hope I helped ..  good luck !  boogernose
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I have same problem.Dr said it was normal - prescribed beta blocker.  Got palpitations regularly (every week)  for 10 years. Got worse - would go for months. Finally - took antibiotics - then acid reducer (14 days of prilosec then zantac whenever I felt acidy stomach) -- cured. Haven't had any for past 7 months. hope this helps.
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Hi: beta blockers should have stopped the palps ?
it shows just how diffrent people are -  some can take meds and some can not ..
im a Not !
oh well ..     hey if zantac helps stop the palps - go for it !  

there are meny Natural meds that also work in helping to stop palps.  

( how could you stand the palps for 10 years !)  I had palps for 1month and it drove me up a wall .  was happy when they stopped or went away..  

good luck..  booger
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Hello, I seem to be having the EXACT same symptoms as you... Went to the ER and the essentially told me I was a hypochondriac - EKG showed everything fine... They diagnosed GERD / gastritis and gave me a prescription for Protonix and it seems to be getting better (been taking it 4 days so far). but STILL when I eat (or sometimes even THINK about eating) I get gas build up in my stomach - when this happens I start getting heart palpitations - which initially freaked the hell out of me, but now that I am consciously aware of what is actually happening I don't freak out as much.

I find that if I am up and active walking around or exercising, I am not bothered at all, it's only when I am sitting still for an extended period that I sense this feeling.

I have tried GAS-X and this works fairly well, although the dosage indication on the box says "do not exceed 4 pills in 24 hours"... not sure what the side effects are of exceeding this limitation. I have also tried Alka-Seltzer - which works VERY quickly and well at dissolving the gas; however it does contain aspirin which is not recommended for curing GERD or digestive symptoms and will likely counter-act the protonix.

The best resolution I have found so far is the "Active culture" DAN ACTIVE - IMMUNITY drinks. I just got some of this stuff today and it's a freeking miracle drink. It comes in small 3.1 oz containers, I drank one of these down in 3 or 4 separate gulps and within seconds my gas symptoms disappeared.

There are many active culture drinks available; the one that seems to work best for me is L.Casei Immunitas found in these DanActive drinks.

Hope this helps - good luck

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I have had palps almost all of my life. 99% of the time they are when I have gas build up. I also had acid reflux really bad. What happened with me is the acid would irritate the vagal nerve and cause the irregular beats. My doctor started me on prilosec and I take it daily and my acid reflux is pretty much non-existant now. The palps are 99% gone also. I have begun walking 45 min/day to lose weight and for cardio health. I have lost about 25 lbs and this has also helped my palps tremendously. I use to have them several times a day and now I am down to maybe 1 a month or so.

Hope this helps.
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i get skip beats and that can anyone tell me is it because or can it be down to gas
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