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has it all! kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes.

My dad has diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, high blood pressure, he was a smoker and drinker.
He has diabetes and is insulin dependant after years he developed kidney disease and we maintained through diet we actually increased function. He had a heart attack in which he had a triple bypass afterwards due to a large infection (we believe viral infection MRSA) which can lead to heart failure he had a fraction ejection of 12% , we found a heart failure specialist who advised and booked him in for a  pace maker to regulate his irregular heart beat, because of the strain his body had endured throughout the past 1 ½ years we lost the battle in maintaining his kidneys he was to become a dialysis patient, this wasn’t as bad as we thought he reacted well he stating losing fluid retention ability to walk etc. everything was fine and he was in the state of recovery when he recently had a ischemic stroke. We need help as to if there is anyone that has either come across a patient such as this or whether it was a family member,  mainly advice on the processes/specialist as the situation we have with our hospital is COMMUNICATION!!! The cardiologist are not referring to the renal etc! and without becoming a biopic the trust in the hospital is despicable! The doctors have extremely pessimistic views in procedures and vague on recovery when throughout his history his has defied their clinical judgements.
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It sounds as though your father, and your family, have been through a lot over the past 2 years. The diseases which you mention are very difficult to deal with, as you likely already realize. It is not uncommon to see people at tertiary care centers (referral hospitals) with these diseases in combination, and when multiple of these are present, as in your father's case, it does increase the risk of further co-morbid conditions developing, such as the recent stroke.

Based on what you present here, it sounds as though multiple physicians in multiple specialties need to be involved in your father's care, and coordinating as much as possible his therapies, tests, and long-term outlook. For his care, he needs a cardiologist (may consider one who is specifically trained in heart failure given your father's severely reduced heart function), nephrologist (for possible dialysis or monitoring), neurologist (for recent stroke), and endocrinologist (for optimal diabetic control, as stringent control reduces rates and risk of complications). Further physicians may be necessary based on what is found from your father's history and current health state. These things, given his severe condition currently, would best be handled at a tertiary referral center, which may be a regional center, or located in a major city near you. If you are not at one of those centers already, consider seeking referral to one. If you are already at a tertiary center, and are frustrated by lack of communication and care, then I would first recommend discussing with your father's team first to bring up your concerns and see if they can be rectified. If they are not able to be fixed, or are met with difficulty, then you can consider a second opinion at another advanced center to see if you get the more cooperative and desirable environment you and your family desire.
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