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I had a heart attack in June . Attempted stent of circumflex.It was occlusive. Unsuccesful.
Taking coumadin,aspirin ,blood pressure pills and simvistatin now. Could I have another heart attack?
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When you say your stent was occlusive, did they tell you how large the blockage is? There is always a greater risk of heart attack after your first one, but it depends on so many different things. What does your doctor say?

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The doctor was not able to safely stent the left circumflex. It was totally blocked. I asked how long do I have.And  he  just pointed to that artery on a photo,and said its just this artery.
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I'm not a health professional, and don't fully understand your post, but I'm guessing that you have one artery, the Circumflex, totally blocked.  I also suspect that the doctors may think that you could develop what are called collateral arteries (tiny arteries that may become larger and supply the heart with enough oxygen to re-energize the heart).  I know that insurance companies sometimes deny bypass surgery because of a single artery blockage.  I'd recommend that you ask for a procedure report from the hospital and post the conclusion here.  There are people that can understand what was found.  
I assume you were issued Nitro pills or spray, if you have chest pain, do use the medication when you get any kind of chest tightness or pressures.
Keep us informed.
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