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heart and blood pressure

hiya i suffer from severe health anxiety surrounding my heart, i just wondered if anyone can help me with a question? if you have a mild or major heart attack how would your blood pressure be high, low or normal? pls help if you can, i know that high BP can cause heart attacks i just wondered how it would be at the actual time or just after
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I think I asked myself that question 1000 times. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and it is around my heart. I want you to listen to me very, very carefuly.

You are NOT having a heart attack (They hurt like hell aparently and you DEFINITELY will know it.)
Go to a psychotherapist,
Get your blood pressure under control
Get your health straight and your mind will follow.

I am 32 and have real heart disease thanks to worrying about it all the time, (Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy), due to all of my worrying about my heart and raising my blood pressure. It is curable, and I am fighting my way back.

High BP does NOT cause heart attacks, it just helps things along that cause them. If you have it for a prolonged period of time it can damage your heart. The sooner you get it under control, the less damage will be done. Many people have high BP, and there are many ways to fix it, find a good understanding doctor (it takes time). And STOP WORRYING.. (easier said than done).
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thanx so much for your reply, my BP is always good thats why i wondered if it would be high reading if i was having or had, had a real heart attack? cause at the time where i was most worried my BP was still good. would it not be raised?
im so worried cause sat evening i had weird pains then they went off and sun mornin i felt a little breatheless, felt like i had a lump in my throat and felt sick. my neighbour recently had a triple bypass he didnt even realise he had had a heart attack till the day after!!!!!! im so scared my doctor wont do anything cause i have been to him so many times with this and recently had an echo scan which was all good.
so i can re-assure myself if i know about the BP thing.
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