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heart attack possibilty

dear sir,34 yrs old men ,last jan 2012 i got an heart attack ,after my echo test dr suggest for angiogram,because antiror wall have mild thinning,jan 23 don angioplasty on my OM ,my other vessel have no blockage,now i am on medication,but last few days my shoulder and back pain ,i think again i have any heart issues,pls give advise
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Hello. It is impossible to diagnose through internet but from the symptoms that you describe, a new obstruction of the OM stent could be one of the reasons behind your shoulder pain. I recommend you to consult your doctor to describe him your symptoms and define what kind of workup you will need. In the meantime just as a reminder, continue all the medications prescribed by your doctor and call 911 if the pain becomes persistent or progressive.
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Hi, I'm not a Doctor, but there is a possibility that the Stent in your Obtuse Marginal has blocked. I would make an appointment and see your Cardiologist.
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