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heart attack

hi,i had a massive heart attack bk in june2010 im 36yrs old ive got 2 stents back in july i has another angiogram when they went up there to look at my stents the doctor told me i might need bypass so why are these drs not going to do it? also they never listened to me b4 i had my heart attack.im confused i dont knw what to do..anything would help....thanks
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You need to establish if the heart attack has caused permanent damage to your heart muscle. If this is the case, it may be why they are reluctant to perform a bypass. They should have acted much sooner. If I was in your position, I would get hold of a copy of your angiogram, you can usually purchase them for a small fee. I would then get some other opinions on what course of action they would have taken.
For your current situation, you need to establish if there has been any permanent damage, if not, insist they act now before another attack occurs.
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Are you able to provide any information that may have been reported regarding your current and past test results?  What were your symptoms before the stent implants and your current symptoms?  Did the doctor tell you why you may need a bypass?  

Thanks for sharing, and if you have any further information, questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  We can help you get some insight and a perspective on your current medical condition that can help you communicate with your doctor regarding your curent concerns.  Take care.

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Hi Chas715

Can you speak to the doctor who originally said you might need a bypass and ask him what is the reason for delay or holding back on doing it?

Sorry that you feel they never listened to you before the heart attack.  :-(

What else could you do?  Is there a chance to change doctors?  Or find a way to get them to communicate more clearly to you?

I'm no expert but i think people must feel helpless at times, especially when these people are seen to be 'experts'.....I do think it helps if you think you are doing some good for yourself, but it's hard to know what to do for the best.  So many different theories about what you should eat, etc.....

From all the reading i've done it seems that sugar is probably one of the worst offenders in our diet (not saying that it caused your heart attack, but that it's one of the things in our diet that is bad and our health could improve dramatically if we cut it out).  After loads of reading i'm beginning to think the best thing to do is follow something similar to the paleo diet (there's a book by that name but i don't have the ref right now, you could google it).  Also i found this website interesting www.heartattackproof.com  although i don't agree that all oils should be cut out of the diet.  i think fish is highly protective to the heart (therefore fish oil is).  I'm no expert and have no affiliations to these refs....just wanting to help and these things i've started reading about have helped me with the processing i've had to do recently.

all the best  :-)
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