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heart attack

35 old men,i had an recentCAD ACS-NSTEMI AND DONE PTCA TO OM.MT ANGIOGRAMME RESULT IS,LMCA IS LONG AND NORMAL.LAD:Type 111 vessel.Mild luminal narrowing in LAD at the orgin and D1.Distal LAD and diagonals are normal.Lex:ostium has a mild plaque.long tubular narrowing in the major OM with slow filling distally.Distal Lcx is normal.RCa Dominant amd normal.My echo result was,Distal Anterior IVS& distal anterior wall akinetic with mild thinning.Rest of LV contracting well,Overall good lV function,Normal valves,No clots/effussion.After angioplasty done dr advised an echo again,result is normal sized cardiac chambers,Good LV systolic function,No RWMA,Normal valves,No PAH,No clots/effusion.Now my condition is stable and physically i am feeling well,But mentally i feeling not well,affarid for again chance for MI.Now reduce my foodstyle and habits.Today i read one article MI effected antior wall maximum survive one year/five months.can u give advise my last visit of my dr. told me ur echo test is ok u are perfectly alright u can do anything and restriction.part of my duty steps more than 6 floor clamip daily two three times.Now i taking some medicines Rampril 2.5,concor 5,clopivas 75,asprin 150,avas 40.Heart attack time my cholostrol level are normal,How this happen my this age. . .
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Since the post surgery results are good, you should stop worrying. Try to normalize and carry on with your activities. The success rate is very good after an uncomplicated angioplasty. So, don't go by the occasional case and go by your symptoms. As for the exercise, consult your doctor regarding the rehabilitation aspects.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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    The good news is there is no damage to your heart muscle, which means the things you read on the internet do not apply to you. Those statistics normally relate to people who have dead heart muscle from a heart attack. Your latest echo proves your muscle is fine.
   You seem surprised that this has happened at your age. It is becoming more common now. When I was 46 I had my first blockage, but others were seen during the angiogram which had been there for many years. You need to be wise now, and treat your body with care. What you put into your body is what your body gives in return. Fill it with rubbish (alcohol, cigarettes, processed sugars, saturated fats, trans fats) and in return you get disease. Read all labels on foods and be careful what you consume. Also be careful to read the labels on any drinks, especially soda drinks. They are full of processed sugars. Avoid stress.
    As for your future. Well, you can slow the progression of the disease down, even stop it, depending on how strict you are with your lifestyle. It is more likely that a blockage will slowly form, if at all, giving you lots of warning. If you feel more short of breath, get any unusual discomforts, report to your Doctor. As for 1-5 years, I will bet everything I own that you will still be around for decades to come. Your cholesterol may be normal but you are on blood pressure medication (Ramipril) which suggests your pressure must have been high for years. This will cause inflammation and the start of atherosclerosis. Your meds are very good, I was on the same ones for a few years. My first stent was in 2007, and today I still feel so much better. Don't believe everything you read. It took 10 stents to clear up all my blockages.
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thanks for valuable information,
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