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heart attack?

Doc i spent the weekend in the heart care of a hosp.i have had rhabdomyolysis in the past,in the e.r. after blood work the doctor said i had a heartattack,when i got to my room a different doctor said it was"nt a heartattack it was due to my rhabdomyolysis,any thoughts?
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Unfortunately I cannot give any thoughts without a) taking a detailed history and physical exam, b) evaluating the tests (blood, EKG, other) that have been performed.

However, I will say that rhabdomyolysis and heart attack can at times look similar on lab testing. This is because one of the chemicals released by heart cells when they are starving for blood and oxygen during a heart attack, CK, is also released by the muscles of our body under extreme strain or inflammation (caused by extreme exercise, medications, musculoskeletal conditions which cause muscle cell damage). In the setting of this, some of the other labs that are checked will be elevated during a heart attack (troponin, CK-MB which is a CK specifically secreted by the heart) but not during rhabdo (typically). Further, EKG changes seen with a heart attack would not be seen during rhabdo. Finally, while heart attacks can be "silent" and give little or no symptoms at times (chest pain, shortness of breath), a detailed history and physical exam, with detail to medications, recent activity, and your cardiac exam, can often tell the difference between these two entities.
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Doc thanks for the response,i called 911 because of shortness of breath,pain in lower stomach and pain in upper chest.In the ER they ran blood work,ekg and urine sample,the doc leaned over my bed and said you had a heart attack.I went to a room and was released 2 days later and told to follow up with my pcp.I truely beleive i was released early because of my ins..  Thank you for your time.
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