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heart attack?

i have suffered from ednos, eating disorder with periods of severe restriction, laxative abuse, cocaine abuse, and excessive exercising. i was in recovery for 3 years, but relapsed this year and lost about 50lbs in 3 months. For the last month i have been in recovery again.

Last week i went out for a meal, and had a couple of diet cokes, no alcohol, and a smallish bowl of pasta, then i met up with some friends and we sat about for a few hours, just chatting, then we went dancing, to a little underground club. after about 20 minutes, i started to feel ill, i was sweating (not surprising since it was hot and i was dancing), but i felt like i was burning, i couldnt breath, and felt like i had really bad indigestion, like there was a pressure pushing up from my diagram into my chest, and i was having shooting chest pains (i have these all the time, for the last 3 years) and pains all through my back and the back of my neck. so i said i was going home, left and came home, i felt really sick, so tried to through up to relieve the pressure, but nothing really came up. honestly for about 2 hours i was in agony, and didnt know what was wrong. i took some pain killers and went to bed. the next day i felt the usual fatigue and forgot about it.

i was just googling my symptoms and found these symptoms linked again and again with heart attacks

I was wondering if you think this could have actually been a heart attack. I dont really like doctors, and hate feeling like a time waster. I would just like your opinion on what you think this may have been.

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Have you seen a doctor regarding all of the issues you've been having?

While, Encephalomalcia, is correct that everything listed her post can cause the symptoms you've been having, you need to remember that the way you've treated your body over the years can also lead to heart disease.

Eating disorders, excessive food restriction, laxative abuse, cocaine use/abuse, and excessive exercising can all cause severe cardiac issues as well.
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Did you feel like you were dehydrated at all?  Dehydration can create these symptoms.  Another thing it could be is your gallbladder, which can act up after eating.  If it happens again, you will need to see a doctor to determine if it is the gallbladder, heart, or stomach causing this.  Stomach tumors can also give the symptom of chest pains.  
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