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heart disease

Ihave a main artery blocked, a lot .Can I reverse it by changing my life style without going for a surgery?
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I am proof positive that lifestyle changes can make a big difference. But if your doctor recommends intervention, I would certainly consider it.
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sudeep: are you in the USA?  Hopefully you are and can get the book.. If your not in USA, let me know... just send a message.. Claytex
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dear sudeep:  the answer to your question is yes.  I have done it.  However if your artery is blocked in a life threating way, you may need something done to it now.. dunno... there is a book called Reversing Heart Disease written by Dr. Dean Ornish that is very good. I used it for my guide.  It is great... it tells you exactly how to do it.. the foods to eat and etc.  As to whether or not it is safe for you not to have surgery now.... I wouldnt know.... that would need to be a cardiologist decision.  It takes 2-3 maybe four years to reverse problems I think.. just a guess.. I changed my lifestyle about 20 years ago... I think it has put years on my life... Im now 69... some of the problems of an unhealthy life style cant be reversed... but its never too late to change.. I think it put several years on my life.. If i hadnt changed I seriously doubt that I be alive today.I  eat healthy now...mostly vegitarian///some fish and poulty. lots of veggies, cereal for breakfast most of the time... oatmeal or cheerios.. lots of fruits... and I have walked 6-8 miles a day for over 20 years... I love my lifestyle now.. it takes effort, time and determination to do it... but it sure makes one feel good about things... hope this helps...oh you can get Dr. Ornishes book at most any book store... he has several  other books on health in addition to the Reversing Heart Disease  book.. I wish you the very best.  Claytex
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