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why i am having heavyness  in  chest  after  my breakfast. i do not feel  like  walking so i take  lift.    why so?
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Would need more information to provide an insight to what may being on.  For instance what is your blood pressure, heart rate, are you taking any medication, and dx of health issues, etc??

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    thank you for  response,  my  blood presure  is  160/80  and  i am taking  ecosprin   and beta  card  25.  daily. my  colostrol  is  well  within  the range  good  colostrol   is  nice. still  after  the break fast i eel  heavy  in the  chest.  
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Additional info - every morning?  vary with diet?  if only breakfast then it is something you either ate or it is drug related.
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  thank you,  now  i will  observe,  and  then  i will come  to you again. diet  is  dfferent  so i will  observe  if  it  is  particular  diet  giving  me  trouble. thank you
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