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heart disease

can blockages in the heart disqppear without treatment other than weight loss?

Had an angiogram in 2009 showed 50%blockage.  Had a stress test 2 weeks ago suggesting an 80% blockage.  The angiogram was completely clear 2 days ago.  Have lost over 100 lbs. between the 2 tests. Could that cause the first blockage to disappear and show the stress test unreliable?
   Could undiagnosed thyroid disease be an unerlying problem since ekgs are abnormal?
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I've read claims on the internet, so I asked a couple of cardiologists when I was last in hospital. They have never witnessed plaque reducing on its own.
Imagine fat lining your arteries, what is going to remove it? I'm not even sure if there are lipids capable. If there are, something has to signal the lipids to do a cleaning exercise, but nothing does. It just seems nuts that such a complex immune system can't handle fat.
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I'd post this question on the 'Experts' forum.  Look at the right hand side of this page, look for 'Related Forum's and try and post there.  It might take a few or quite a few tries, but in my opinion, you have asked a very interesting question.

Just to clarify, did the doctor say the blockage was eliminated, or is it possible that collateral arteries took the place of main artery?  
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