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heart disease

my 10 months old nephew was a blue baby, he had his open heart surgery 3 weeks ago.
I learn that he will have later on some pulmonary problems.Could you please tell me about?
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I am very sorry your baby nephew is having these problems at such a young age.  I don't really understand about being a 'blue baby' although my half sister was one.  From what i have learned thru the years, it happens because of the mother and father's blood not being able to mix very well which produces a 'blue baby'. Click on the link below. It will give you helpful information to better understand the pulmonary problems. (Pulmonary is a major artery in the heart).  Essey

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That's different from what I've heard. I had a friend years ago that was a "blue baby." I read that it's from a hole between the lower chambers of the heart which causes a mixing of the blood (oxygenated and used). I see it can also be from an aorta problem, the right ventricle being too muscular (hypertrophy) or pulmonary stenosis (the pulmonary valve being narrowed). Perhaps that what they meant by pulmonary problems.
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my son was blue when he was born had many problems not really related to his heart. He was okay to come home then he was 5 weeks old and got really ill with the RSV and was in the hospital and then heart failure then the surgery then infection and more illness.  he does have pulmomary issues partly because my hubby has asthma and the ithers they are saying is from bing on a ventilator at such a young age.
Please make sure he gets the synagisis shot.(it helps lesson the rsv in a child with a heart issue and premature babies.
good luck to you
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