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heart failure?

Quick question.
If a person had Congestive Heart Failure ( or, thought they did..never diagnosed) ...and has recently undergone a colonoscopy and endoscopy in which this person was put out completely...hooked up to heart monitors, etc while she was under, would they be able to tell from the monitors while the patient was under, that there was CHF?
I hope this question makes sense.
Anybody get what Im asking and know?
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Sometimes the way that the EKG complex looks might make one question if the patient had heart disease which could be causing CHF. I don't believe it would say right then and there a patient is in CHF. A patient with CHF has the symptoms of the disease and tests such as a BNP would diagnose that. People aren't in CHF 24/7 ; they have periods where they go into CHF; there are times when a patient who has been diagnosed with CHF may be doing well.
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Maybe I should explain it this way. People get colds all the time; the colds come and go; CHF is the same way. It comes and it goes; over time the heart weakens, with the walls becoming thinner. They may have a diagnoses of Heart Failure; Congestive heart failure would be more of a flair=up of the disease. Why does this person think she has CHF?
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