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heart issue or dehydration

I'm 26, quit smoking a month ago, and regularly do cardio exercise 5- 6days a week for the last month. yesterday i was at the gym and did 60mins on the eliptical and then did about 20mins of weight training, tanned and went home, (while working out i drank 1 1/2  bottles of water roughly 45oz) i got home took a shower and had some mac and cheese and a protein shake, right after i ate (45mins after workout) i got very light headed and dizzy then i proceeded to vomit up dinner for about 20mins (not all at once a few times within that time) and stayed dizzy off and on for 3 hours. i fell asleep  and proceeded to wake up every 20mins or so to the feeling of the room spinning. i managed to fall asleep and slept through the night and woke up today feeling a little pressure in my head (not pain) and feeling slightly light headed (almost like a light buzz only without the alcohol). i grabbed some  pedialyte and am drinking water like its going out of style. my blood pressure is elevated 130/98 (take bp meds, dont smoke and i exercise,) its usually around 120/78 and i noticed that my HR was irregular beating at a 67bpm pace then escalating to a 90bpm pace and back and forth

should i be worried that the symptoms didnt start til 45mins after i got home and was waking up spinny 3 hours after the gym.  is this heart related at all or does this sound like dehydration and or something i ate

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Because of your high blood pressure and your irregular heart beat, you should give your doctor a call and get a check up as soon as possible.  To me, it sounds like your heart.  It could very well be a virus that has caused this heart condition.  Signs of dehydration are cherry red lips, dry inside the mouth, sunken eyes, loss of elasticity to the skin.  The pedialyte is better for dehydration than water itself.  You want to replace your electrolytes.  Pop is good for replacing electrolytes also along with Gatorade.  If you are not vomiting or have diarrhea, I would doubt that you are dehydrated.  
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I have an appointment with my cardiologist in 2 weeks, and I called my regular doctor and he said it sounds like dehydration because i was dizzy and vomiting. i've had ekgs stress echos halter monitor and blood work in the last 3 months all of which are normal. however they did say that my last to blood works my WBC have been slightly elevated so the virus thing is a possibility i guess. the water and pediolyte seemed to help me feel better the dizziness and vomiting stopped that night so idk.

thanks for the input  
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