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heart maze

Has anyone had or heard of heart maze surgery to correct a fib? I'm scheduled to have one at the end of the month and I'm kind of scared. Please reply
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Yes, Becki, I know about that procedure. I had a consult at Eisenhower in Palm Springs with Dr Matruka.  I was considering going there for a mini-maze ablation procedure. I'm still contemplating it.  Are you still taking Multaq?  My Dr here gave me a prescription for it yesterday.  I'm a little leery of it as I know it's related to amiodarone.
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Yes, Amiodarone is some nasty stuff in my opion.  It works, but after reading all the ill effects with this drug I chose to stop taking it after 9 months.  I was tired of having to be monitored on it, too.  Ally
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Dronedarone is supposed to be related but without the side-effects of Amiodarone. I'm doing pretty well without taking anything so I don't know if I want to take a chance on it. I'm just so tired of dealing with even occasional bouts of a-fib.  What I'd really like is a "pill in a pocket" that I could take when I go into a-fib to help get me out of it.  Any suggestions?
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