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heart murmur and echo

heloo.my name is maria and i have a question.recently i was at the dr.s offfice for regular check up when the dr. told me i had a heart murmur,she is not my regular dr. so i was surprised the my regular dr. never said anything about it.she said not to panick that it was probably there for years and that i would need to have a echo done when my insurance issues where clear.well i went to my regular dr.and she said she knew about it and even showed me omn my chart where she had wrote it.it said heart murmur 2/6.she said it was cause of no concern so she didnt want to worry me.i am a big time worrier and suffer from gad.she said it was something like mvp,that i really didnt need an echo unless i wanted to conirm the diagnosis.well i need reasurrance so i am getting one done tomorrow and i am very anxious and nervous,could this affect the results of the echo?can i take something before i go to get it done like xanax.i used to walk a mile every morning now i am scared to do anything.please help!
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Dear Rucnateb,

I think an echocardiogram is an excellent idea, this test will help reassure you as to the cause of the murmur. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound caused by the turbulent flow of blood. This can be normal in some circumstances or caused by an abnormality in one of the heart valves.  Your level of anxiety probably will not affect the results of the echocardiogram. The presence of this heart murmur should not prevent you from exercising and I would recommend continuing your current exercise regimen.

Thanks for your question,

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rugnateb, don't get too worked up over a heart murmur, many people have them.  I have one for many,many years now and I'm an active and healthy 73 year old senior!!!
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Hi Maria.  I worry about stuff like that too.  Because I have tachycardia episodes, I was given an echocardiogram 12 years ago.  However, the cardiologist never mentioned a murmur.  Then last month, a different cardiologist was listening to my chest and said "did you know you have a murmur?"   It was total news to me!  So I guess what I'm wondering is - Do murmurs 'always' show up on echos?  This new cardiologist that said I have a murmur said it is not necessary to do another echo, even though 12 years has passed since I had it done.  {confused}

So is it possible that even if you went ahead and got the echo, that the murmur might not even show up on it?
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hello.i went for my echo and i was so worried that the person who did it felt bad and told me that verything looked good.i am going for the actual results on monday.how old are u?
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June 2001, while at the hospital emergency room for a minor cut needing stitches, the Dr on call asked me how long I had this heart murmur...I informed her that I didnt have a heart murmur (I was 45 yrs old at the time)...She stated again that I did indeed have a heart murmur...At the time I just ignored it, believing that she made a mistake, didnt know anything about me or my medical history, and that if I had a heart murmur my Dr of 20 yrs would have told me about it...The next time I needed to see my regular Dr (Sept. 2001) I asked him if there was any record of me ever having a heart murmur, and explained to him about the emergency room...He said that I had never had one before, but he would check me out...Well lo and behold I had a distinct heart murmur, although they are very common, it is not common to suddenly develop one at my age...He immediately set me up with a cardiologist for an echo...When I went back to the cardiologist for the results I was informed that I had the condition "hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy"...I felt fine, didnt feel sick, and so nothing was done....I was told of what symptoms to watch for, and to come back in a year for another echo...I dont know how long I had HCOM before I was diagnosed, but my condition started to progress quite rapidly, and within months any physical activity at all (just walking across the street) left me completely breathless and feeling like I would collapse...I was put on ever increasing dosages and amounts of medications with little relief....By Sept. 2002, I was very sick, barely able to work, and feeling terrible...My cardiologist sent me to another specialist, and on Nov. 19, 2002 I went into the hospital for an alchol septal ablation...I am now medication free, and continue to improve my physical activity level....I am going slowly back into exercise and activities...But I am well on  my way to having my life back..this  procedure was a life saver for me....a true medical miracle
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