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heart murmur/palpitations


A few days ago I was diagnosed with a heart murmur. I am waiting for further testing to see if it is a valve problem, or an innocent murmur. I am very scared! I have had palpitations for years, they are usually after exercise, but sometimes also at rest. I do sometimes get a rapid heart rate too where I feel a little more winded doing things (also has happened for awhile). I know many heart murmurs are harmless and that they don't cause symptoms. Is the fact that I have palpitations and rapid heart beats sometimes almost a guarantee of a valve problem, or some other heart problem?
Does anyone have these symptoms and have a healthy heart? I'm very nervous. I walk my dog everyday and I'm only about 10 pounds overweight. I am 24 years old.
I had a chest xray in march which came back normal (if that means anything)
Thank you
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Hey Emanne88,

Unfortunately the amount of information that you have provided is not sufficient to come to conclusions.
From what I can understand, you have had palpitations for quite some time which may or may not be related to exertion and recently you have been found to have a murmur.
These two things may be completely unrelated. Most murmurs in a young individual are benign and your issue of palpitations may be something completely unrelated.
What you need at this point is a consultation with a cardiologist who will probably order an echocardiogram to have a better look at the valves.

Hope that helps

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