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heart murmur

could someone please answer this.ive just been back from the doctors and it came up i have a soft heart murmur to which he got results back from cardiologist, he mentioned a word which had leaky in it, he said ive nothing to worry about but isnt the word leaky a bad thing to do with ur heart.ive had a scan of my heart last year and it was normal as i do get alot of palpataions its scary.im 31 yrs old with 2 young kids, should i worry or go back and demand more tests?thanx for listening.
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It sounds like you might have a slightly leaky heart valve.  Our hearts have four valves, the mitral, aortic, pulmonary and tricuspid.  It is relatively common for one, or more of our valves to leak.  The leaks, also referred to as regurgitation (basically, backflow), can range from trivial to severe.  

Because your report said you have a soft murmur and the doctor said you've nothing to worry about, it doesn't sound like you've anything to worry about.  Trivial to mild leaks are quite common and don't generally cause a problem.  Was your leak discovered by an echo?  Did the doctor say whether follow up was necessary?  

It doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about ; )  However, if your were to ever become symptomatic (shortness of breath, less ability to exercise, etc) you should let your doctor know.  

Take care.
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That leak would be a leaky valve.  I've known about my murmur now for about 45 years.  No problems at all.  Well, other than the doctors hearing it..............

Pay it no mind.
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thanku both 4 ur comments its nice to hear from others it really helps .thankyou this site is the best.
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During a routine check up with my cardio he found a mild leaky aortic valve 10 to 12 years ago. It has gotten worse and I have valve replacement surgery scheduled Jan 22. When he found it he told me I was about 10 to 12 years from having it replaced and he was right on it.I also have some mild leakage in the mitral and tricuspid
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