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heart pain, especially if sneeze, or lift left arm up or down

Hi, have had chest pains for over year, recently been under extreme stress (having only month to move out house; living in tent;my best friend died ;etc)and woke up with chest pains over heart. It isn't too bad unless I lift anything with left arm (especially if reaching up or down) and really hurts heart when sneezing. Other wise I don't notice it too much (but, because I'm mildly autistic: I don't notice or process pain the same as most people - I once wore a wisdom tooth that was infected down to root, and dentist couldn't belive I put up with the pain for months without having treatment)

Any help or advice appreciated.

I'm 44 (the other day)and do have history of heart disease in both parents families.

I also have Sleep Apnea, which apparently stresses the heart muscle when I stop breathing in the night for up to a few minutes.

Thanks, kris
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Forgot to say, have popping in ears a lot... Also had bit ear and tooth ache (possible infection, but haven't taken antibiotics, as will make me too tired for living outside.)

Had some jaw lump, and a large infected saliva gland a few months ago too...  Might not be related.


Also hurts when I cough?
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So is this normal?
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Our nervous systems are wired up in a particular way while we are in the womb.  When it comes to pain, one branch of the nervous system handles somatic pain (from the outside of the body) and one branch handles visceral pain (pain from the internal organs).  You csn Google these terms.

If you have chest pain when you sneeze or move your arms or do anything with your shoulders, etc, the pain is NOT coming from your heart.  It is coming from the muscles, tendons or other structures outside the chest cavity.
Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
I hope it helps.
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