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heart palpations

I have been a sufferer of heart palpatations for about 5 years now. I currently do not take medication for it since I have a bad reaction the beta blockers, and they seem to be the only medicine the dr. want to put me on around here. They say it is stress related. They say there is nothing wrong with my heart. I have had test after test. I have decided to diagonose myself. I determined that it helped if I did not eat anything with white flour, sugar, or caffenince. They still come but extremly mild when they do, or so i thought. WRONG. What I did notice though for sure is that
A. I can tell you when it is going to be bad, because I can feel it coming on
B. It is real bad during certain times of the month prior to my period
The fact that everyone hormones have nothing to do with is is wrong.
If one were to look back in history at medical problems then that were real bad, and could not be cured, and in todays time we now learn about the many treatment options so in today's time that illesnees in past history would not be bad, this is how I feel about this palpatations. There is going to be a time when the medical field is going to see the light and tell women you are ok. It is just a hormanl thing, and we can fix it rather than it is stress related. I am only streseed because I am so tired of living life like this. I can not do anything, or go anywhere to have fun because I know I am going to have a problem. What can be done. Are there natural cures. Are there any women physicians out there that have experinecd this issue. I need help. Someimes I feel I just can not cope any longer.
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If you can't tolerate beta blockers you may still be able to try calcium channel blockers ( such as diltiazem on verapamil). If these are not tolerated as well there are antiarrhythmic drugs which can keep the PACs/PVcs at bay but we have to be careful using them because they may increase mortality if used in patietns with known heart disease ( not your case).
If these still fail to decrease the burden of the palpitations then you may undergo an EP study where sometimes these extra beats can be mapped ad their sources ablated. This is an invasive procedure, which sometimes can have serious consequences, so it is not used as a first line of treatment.
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I understand exactly what you mean.  i have had palp for 2 years.  and they tell me its anxiety take a pill. were i refuse to take a pill.  i do know my palpation increase with rest, or if im in a hurry or very busy.  i pray alot and this seems to help .  sometimes i feel like my heart will stop.  but after a few mins or more it improves. so now i wait it out .  stay prayed up. and say to myself if it my time to go god is on my side anyway.  my stress test continues to come back neg .  and every holter monitor i have had is neg.  so i take my cardizem and live my life.
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I have been suffering heart palps about the same amount of time and I totally agree that they are hormonally related, however, I can get no one to listen or understand that.  I've tried to balance my hormones with the help of a holistic doctor and that seemed to help for a while but then back to square one after a bout of side effects.  I also think they are sometimes related to food.   I just tend to live with them but they are so disturbing and now I feel occasional pains and don't know what to think.  I never had any discomfort before, just my heart skipping beats.  I would suggest trying a holistic doctor.    Good luck.  
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Your answer about anti-arrithymics really scared me since I am on Tikyson.  I called my doc. at the Clinic and was reassured that I would be fine.  I do have heart disease.  He said that he hoped you are not from the e.p. department.  I don't mean to be sarcastic, but I have been scared ever since I read this.


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