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heart palpitations

Ive been having heart palpitations for 4 years now. Ive had every test done and they said it was stress related and not to worry.. Well two weeks ago I went to the doctors for a pain in my upper chest,, they did an EKG and it was low and geisinger told me to go to the ER right away.. Well I went to the hospital they admitted me and did every test and the heart specialist looked at me and did the tests and said my heart looked fine.. He said as a person gets older their heart rhythem slows down and mine will continue to stay this way.. Since I came home I have been having them more and they did the heart monitor for 24 hours and Im hoping to here from them soon .. They did blood tests and said it can me from lack of magnesium or the start of going through menopause... Im totally freaked out and they have me on meds to help me relax and stay calm but its kind of hard to deal with it,,when your heart is flip flopping, fluttering. I was wondering if anyone has an ideas how to deal with this anxiety... IM only 43.. Im just at the end of the rope.. ANY help would be greatly appreciated on any ideas to the above...

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I am 49 and yes, I have experienced heart palpitations for over a year now.  I have had every test as well (Holter Monitor and echocardiogram) and have mild mitral valve regurgitation which I was told, is not serious and nothing to worry about.  I am thinking about having another Holter  Monitor just to make sure since I get the palpitations every day now and sometimes after I eat a meal.  They are very scary.  I take 2  magnesium pills right before I go to bed which helps with sleeping.  A lot of your symptoms are probably menopause related.  Eat a banana a day (potassium and suggested by my naturopath) which can help.  Drink lots of water and exercise too!  Hopefully this will help you and good luck!
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I'm 57 and for the past year I have had palpations,flip flopping and getting sickly over it. Lost 32 1/2 pounds in a few months-unitintionally. Been given Holter Monitor and echocardiograms. The docs think that just because the ekg's are okay, they do not pick up any plague that may be in the artieries. Well, this week I just found out I had a heart attack with out knowing it. I'm certainly not saying my situtation is yours. I was told there is a Cat Scan that can detect blocked artieries but that's not 100%. I'm supposed to have a catherization that is 100% but has risks.
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I am glad I ran across your post... Seems the same for me... But I noticed that I get the palpatations BEFORE the anxiety...Last Oct. (2007) had my heart checked.. all fine.. Now it's all starting again... but this time the NEW heart doctor wants me to monitor for 30 days (this is going to stink)... However, he also told me to monitor my blood pressure... To my suprise (his office is slacking on getting what I need to monitor for 30 days of my "heart events").. I have already begun my blood pressure monitoring... I have found for the last 4 days that my bottom number of my blood pressure is low... very low at times... I have also asked for a blood test (CBC)... and have found that my Red Blood count is completely normal, however two areas that make up my count are low... Check your blood pressure, and ask to have a CBC test... it's only a blood test, no fasting required! Good Luck!
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