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heart palpitations

hi:I am 42 years old male. and 3 years ago it started one night, after I had some starbucks coffee, and some indian food after that, when that night i thought i was having heart attack, so i went to ER and doc said, it is anxiety attack. but after that anytime i eat anything little heavy or rich i get heart palpitations and sometimes hard time breathing, and faster heart beat.
I watch my diet now, I don't eat red meat, no caffeine, lots of salad, so i dont get that attacks, but now in morning when i try to walk on treadmill, my heart beat goes up, for example on speed of: 1.7 mph my heart beats gets to 110, to 120. I used to run 4 miles every morning and exercise, till 5 years a go when i injured my back. so now I know my heart beat gets fast and I get like little dizzy and get breathing problem. I have checked with my doctor and told him I need a Gallbladder ultra sound, and blood check.
I am thinking it might be my gallbladder "stone" as my mother had it in the past.
One more thing is, at night I have to lay down Elevated head and on my right side. I can't lay on my left side, my heart beats gets stronger and i feel comfortableness in chest "heart" and if I fall sleep on left side All of sudden I get up breathing heavy and my heart beat is up.
Thank you for any information :)

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I used to get palaptations and yet my HR was very slow and the doctor ran a bunch of test and said that my HR was trying to get to the normal HR that is why I was feeling the palpatations, I had a holter monitor and did the recordings and that is what was showing. however just recently I had the same thing going on. and it wouldn't go away like it had in the past in the past it would last for maybe 5 minutes. (by the way if you are a jogger or runner it is normal to have a low HR ion the 40's I wasn't at the time) so back in feb. i was having the palpatations and after several hours my mom counted my HR 126. I called my PCP and sent me to the cardiologist right away. I was having SVT's he said the other times I was having the palpatations were a "warning" to me however nothing was showing.if you get these attacks quite often i would suggest calling to see if you can see a cardiologist and maybe they will give you a holter monitor.
good Luck
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thank you very much, I will keep that in mind. I have an Ultra sound on my gallbladder and blood check coming up next month and after that I will ask the doctor about holter monitor and cardiologist.
thank you :)
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Can you please tell us what the results were? Was is serious?
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