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heart palpitations

Iam a 35 year old mother of two and have been having heart palitations for years. I also have anxiety attacks starting years before the heart palpitations.My question is everyday Iam having these palipatations and everyday Iam having anxiety attacks they seem to go hand in hand. I have not had my heart checked out in about three years as I used to make several trips to the er. Im am so scared all the time that Iam going to have a heart attack.. What can I be doing if anything??

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At age 35 and being a woman, your overall risk of having a heart attack is extremely low.  Of course this is little reassurance when it's you having the symptoms. But thats why you have gone to get examined by medical personel when you've had your episodes.

If you search through this forum, you will see that many are afflicted with palpitations, and in some they can cause a great deal of anxiety and suffering.  If you've have no structural heart disease, palpitations are relatively benign from a prognostic standpoint. You might search back to see how others have dealth with thier anxiety and symptoms.

Good luck
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Just wanted to offer some support.  I'm 33 with 3 children and have been where you're at.  It becomes a cycle, anxiety causing palpitations and then palpitations causing anxiety.  I too spent many evenings in the ER and countless doctor's visits.  All which reassure me that I have PVC's and my heart is structurally normal.  Hang in there and read this forum, it is very comforting.
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I've had the same: palpitations and panic attacks.  I saw my doctor for the former, and a psychologist for the latter.  She recommended an EXCELLENT book, "The Panic Attack and Phobia Book."  It has some excellent techniques in there for controlling panic attacks -- I know because those techniques have worked for me.

Best of luck.
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Hi Crusin

I was curious to know if you have ever been evaluated by a cardiologist, or what your EKG's at the ER have shown?  It may be prudent to have an eval with a cardiologist just for peace of mind.  
I agree with the CCF Dr. about your risk for heart attack being almost non-existant, because thats what they told me also at Duke.

I had experienced palps and some unusual heart rhythms back in my 20's and after 6-7 years my family Dr. sent me to a cardio who ordered an echo and the other standard tests, and found a moderate prolapse of the mitral valve, which could have precipitated the earlier symptoms.  The Dr. put me on 2 meds. and I haven't had any problems since. I do follow up with the cadio every 6 months.  

All that to say that sometimes it's worth being evaluated just for peace of mind, which can help with the anxiety.

All the best.
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Thanks to you all for your info and support. Actually after I posted my Q I read alot in the forum about palps and anxiety.Iam feeling prety good today after reading everyones similar problems and think this is just what I needed (to know many have the same symptoms.. I dont really recall what my ekg and other tests were. At the time I was prety much relieved  just to hear them say it was common and I was Just one of the unlucky ones who could really feel them. Im wondering what pvc and all the other related terms stand for?? Thank you
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pvc is a premature ventricular contraction.  AA pac is a premature atrial contraction.  I suffer from pvcs in the form of bigeminy.  Thats a pvc a normal beat then another pvc and so on in that pattern.  I know how nasty they make you feel and how much anxiety they can cause.  Its a vicious cycle.....try hanging in there.
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