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heart skips

I have been plagued with heart skips many years, but lately they are coming in a series.  They come many at a time, lasting about 15 to 30 seconds.  Of course, it seems like an eternity and I totally panic.  I have had all sorts of tests, even going to another hospital for another opinion.  They all say they are benign.  This maybe so, but how long will this go on.  Mentally, its taking a toll.  What scares me is I think my heart will never go back to its normal rhythm.  I am on 50 mg. of atenolol in the A.M., 150 mg. of avapro in the afternoon, and I cut myself down to 25 mg of atenolol in the evening, instead of 50 mg.  My cardiologist thinks this is fine.  I have stopped smoking, and everthing else they recommend.  I know they claim is it not from the stomach, but I do have the gastro problem according to upper GI series.  I burp sour after these are done.  Any suggestion to get my life back to normal.  Thank you for your interest.
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Sorry to hear of your recent problems.

PVCs can be quite disruptive and concerning, although they have no known untoward effects in patients with otherwise normal hearts.

I like a two-pronged approach to treating them: identify any possible precipitators of the PVCs and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with them.

Possible precipitators can include changing diet, caffeine, alcohol, lack of sleep, slowing heart rate, change in medicines, etc.  The causes are different in different people -- you need to pay attention to your body and be open-minded to figure out any possible precipitators.  Sometimes keeping a diary of what you are doing when a wave hits you will help you to identify a pattern.

Coping mechanisms can include medicines (such as the atenolol), treatment for anxiety, bio-feedback, or exercise.  Sometimes getting other things in your life back on track makes these PVCs less troublesome.

Hope that helps.

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I too have been dealing with pac's for over a year now..I am 29 and have never smoked,drink no alcohol and have a decent diet and they do come generally any time...
this morning for instance I was just sitting there, had not had a bite to eat yet and boom there was a skip..
followed by belching and or gas/stomach rumbles..
when my skips are the worse I usually have gas/ and or belching.
I have had all the heart tests too and am told benign however they still scare me..I am not having panic attacks aftewards like I use to but sometimes I get one after I feel the beat..
a few weeks ago I had some and they felt so much stronger and I went into full blown panic..
oh well I just wanted to say I have the same issues..
I do not take any meds though.
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I have also just started to experience these....I thought my heart was going to stop all together then launches me into full blown panic. My doc tells me its nothing to worry about but its making me so scared of when it will happen again. Does anyone know if you are more likely to suffer if you have a slow resting pulse...mine is about 55 and always happens when resting or going to sleep. I'm 29 pretty fit non smoker male.
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Pvc's,Pac's are very scary and after knowing what they are from numerous holter monitors over 7 years still has this gal complexed. I keep a journal and at 27 when I had my first cardiology exam and learned of Mvp, pvc's and the way my heart functions.I enjoy this heart board for sharing.My last holter a month ago had 495 pvc's and I was really feeling bad. Increased my potassium, magnesium and given Propanolol to keep on hand. For years I walk daily , stay thin, lots of water and non of the no-nos which can cause heart palps. I find comfort in meditation too.
Hope for a skip free day for all.
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Someone asked if they are more likely to occur when your resting pulse is slow.
I definitely think so.  Mine are much more likely to come on when I am just sitting relaxing or whilst lying down at night.
Postural changes also bring them on and this totally doesn't make sense but everytime I have tried to quit smoking (and therefore my heart rate slows down somewhat) I have been absolutely PLAGUED by them!!!!!
I also find that after hard exercise whilst heart rate is dropping down to its normal rate is a prime time for them to happen.  I haven't posted before but always read this forum.  I'd just like to say that I have had these things for 14 years now and I guess if they were going to hurt me then they would have by now - but I still panic somewhat when I get a bad run of them.
Just a hint - I have found that taking the tissue salt Mag. Phos 6x (magnesium phosphate biochemic tissue salt) sometimes will stop them in their tracks.  It's harmless to take and you just dissolve them under your tongue.
Best to everyone
Susan in South AUstralia
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Postural changes!!!
you know I notice mine when I get from a sitting to a standing position or like walking up the stairs...
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Hey all,
Do any of you experience palpitations as a "fluttery" feeling or a butterfly type sensation which you can even feel in your throat?
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Hi all, I am 42 years old male and have been experiencing PVC's since one year. Really they are not so many but for sure I get scared when they occur. I was on atenol 25 mg with good result for PVC's but also with 35 beats per minute so the cardiologist stopped the betablocker. I mainly perceive them when sitting at lunch and dinner even if the stomach is not full. As far as I am anxious subject I am really convincing that PVC's are in otherwise healthy people a normal variant of the beat.
My wife experienced them when she was 20 and now she smiles over looking at me. I believe that hearing from other more or less same axperiences is the best med.
Be happy with life,
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It has been over a year since I have visited this site. It was very helpful for me to learn that I was not the only one with strange heartbeats. I think I have had irregular beats (PAC's) for the last 25 years. It wasn't until the last year or two that they started really bothering me. I went to the ER and also made several trips to various doctors to get checked out. My doctors were no longer interested in my condition after the results of my tests showed a normal heart. Their advice was that this happens to most people after 40. They told me to go out and live a normal life and not pay attention to it. This was not much comfort and did little to reduce my anxiety. I then went back and had them treat me for my anxiety and panic. They were kind enought to give me Valium. This was very helpful and allowed me to start researching the road to my own cure.

The best thing I did for my peace of mind was to buy these books..."Hope and Help for Your Nerves" and "Peace from Nervous Suffering". Both are by Dr. Claire Weekes and they both say about the same thing. But when you are looking for comfort and thinking your heart is about to turn against you it's nice to have them around.

I really feel for the people on this list with horror stories much worse than mine. If you're like me with simple PAC's, PVC's, anxiety and panic, then these books are for you.
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Hi Steve,

Just to let you and everyone else know that it is soooo true that the books of Dr. Claire Weekes can help you when you are so lost in anxiety and other nerve problems!
I live in the Netherlands and the books are titled here: "Blijf Uw zenuwen de baas" and "Breng Uw zenuwen tot rust", but the English titles are as you wrote.
I bought the first one in I think 1971 or 1972, and the second book in 1979. These are the books I still ALWAYS take of the shelf when I am in stress, distress, anxiety, feeling heartbumps, palpitations and all the other **** that comes with a sensitive nervous system. I lend the first book to my daughter-in-law (just last month) who was in a little bit of anxiety, and told her that this book was like my bible for feeling good again
She is so right this Dr. in describing what people feel when in anxiety!
Your comment was recognizable so I immediately wanted to write back this letter...
Hope you feel ok now!
Greetings from Holland - ***Ianna***

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Reading these posts makes me feel so much better, I ended up in ER last night due to what I think is a heart skip or flutter it freaked the hell out of me but when I was there they just said ECG and everything was fine so go home and get referred to a cardioligist. I am yet to be diagnosed with this condition but can someone please explain exactly what one feels like. Like I said it always happens when I'm resting and feels like my heart just stops for a second or two then I go really light headed and start to panic. I'm 29 and never had this untill 2 weeks ago.

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Hi, I'm the one that sent the question.  Good to hear from you all, and know so many people have the problem.  My email is ***@****  Would love to hear from someone.  Seems like it helps to talk.  Thanks
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