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heart transplant

I'm 51 years oldI have cardiomyopathy for the past 9 years with a ej fraction of 27% has been 19% in the past drs are now talking about transplant options and i'm wondering how i can research the success rates of hospitals as well as talk to others who may be having to make this decision. I'm also not sure of the questions i need to ask the transplant team

I'm apparently on optimal meds and am considered stable but have had several VTs for which i have a biventricular defibrillator.  I'm also wondering if there are alternative medicine supplements I have been taking Ubiquinol (CoQ10)    
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I have answered thousands of posts regarding medical coniditons, and there are very few questions about heart transplants so finding someone with same condition is very unlikely.  

I find the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic a good source of infomation for medical problems.  I found a good source for some of the information that may help answer some of your questions.  Thanks for your question and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care and I hepe you have a successful New Year.
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Thanks for your reply, I will check out the mayoclinic site.
All the best for 2011
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