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help with ECG readings ...

New here - just been to docs and got this back -

Vent. Rate: 87 bpm
PR interval: 130 ms
QRS duration: 80 ms
QT interval: 332 ms
QTc interval: 356 ms
P/QRS/T axis: 67/25/22
RV5/SV1 amp.: 1,86/0.68 mV
RV5+SV1 amp.: 2.54 mV

1100 Sinus Rhythm
6220 Possible left atrial enlargement
9110 ** Borderline ECG**

I'm 49 yrs old - female - overweight.

Doctor recommended a transesophageal study in the future (no rush his words)
small hole in heart (probably from birth)

Reason for tests - fast heartbeat, palpitations, pinching feeling

Also had echo and treadmill - says I need to get fitter.

I'm thinking of getting a general blood test (this is Greece so I can just walk into the microbiologist and ask for one ... for a price) to rule out - high potassium etc I do have a high potassium diet - was doing it to stay healthy!!! Nuts/green veg/fish/meat/tomatoes/natural yoghurt!!! Avoiding carbs like bread/pasta/rice etc - now I may need to change my whole diet (which I love)

Need to up the exercise (a lot) and lower the love of wine and ouzo.
I don't smoke
Dr given me tablets to take to lower heart rate, haven't got them yet so can't say what they are (can't read the perscription) I must take 1/2 every morn

Treadmill - I thought I was great .... doctor not so much! The only thing that hurt were my calves as it was really steep! Managed 8 mins .... he switched it off because I complained about my calves BUT I could have gone for 10mins (which I later learned that's what he wanted)

Any comments welcome ...just don't scare me anymore or my heart rate will go off the roof!

Thanks for any advice on diet - calming me down or telling me off (GENTLY)

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