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hiatal hernia??

I had a heart attack feb 2010 and for the past year have taken aspirin,plavix,antenlol,statin and pepcid. I understand taking meds for heart but why am I taking pepcid? Around Nov 2010 a lump formed in the center of my sternum which I believe may be a hiatal hernia.My question is -If I didnt have acid reflux why was I put on the pepcid and why am I still taking it?
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This is strictly a guess, but the symptom of a heart attack and issues with GERD are difficult to determine.  Those of us who have/had both can attest that it is very difficult to sort out these symptoms.  I'm betting that because you have problems with both angina and GERD they want to eliminate diagnostic issues by keeping the GERD issue at bay.  
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I'm confused about your self diagnosis of a hiatal hernia?  This is usually picked up on an x-ray or endoscopy, but I can't see how the stomach would find its way up in front of the sternum bone?  
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i really dont know what it is  a lump the size of a silver dollar appeared right under the bra strap every time i look it up on the internet it shows hiatal hernia but it doesnt hurt per say but i have periods of feeling sick  this occurs when i eat alot at one time and when i lay down to sleep i have made an appointment with the dr but its over a month away
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Maybe you could ask your Doctor if it's your xiphoid process. Usually this happens between the ages of 15-29 but some can be later. Part of the sternum is cartilage but when you reach a certain age, it fuses to the rest of the sternum and hardens. Sometimes this fusing causes a lump to form. This is why you have to be careful giving CPR in applying the pressure. The cartilage that hardens is the shape of a blade and can break off, stabbing the heart.
Maybe have a read on the internet about the xiphoid process and see what you think?
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thank you ed34 never occured to me that it may be xiphoid process and yes i will discuss it with my doctor
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fingers crossed
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