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high blood pressure

hi im 22 an all my life ive had high blood pressure its kind of bad normal blood pressure for me is 167/110 pluse of 100+ ive had this problem since i could remember atleast since i was 8+ one day i got stressed out an almost like i was having a heart atk i went to the doctor an my blood pressure was like 220 over 134 pluse of like 164 they told me i have nothing to worrie about i mean is this normal for a person when i am doing something bad like speeding an see a cop i feel like im going to die i have pain that feel like your getting stabed go up my spine like a heart beat an i feel like im going to pass out or something but i never do
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Double post...first post has been answered, and if there any additional questions you can follow up on that thread. Take care.
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