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high glucose & cretinine

i am female, 62 yrs old, my glucose is 122, my cretinine is 1.7, my bun is normal, i just found out, i take meds for hypertension & glucose. how can i reduce glucose & cretinine & is 1.7 cretinine dangerous ?
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My Creatinine is 1.5mg/dl (normal: 0.8-1.3mg/dl) and I do have kidney problems due to Statins and HCTZ, but my BUN is also high. Don't know if that helps.
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The questions you ask could be better answered by your doctor who has your health history, medication, concomitant health issue, etc. Normal range for creatine is 0.6 to 1.2 mg.

"For a persepctive, may be higher for muscular young or middle-aged adults may have more creatinine in their blood than the norm for the general population. Elderly persons, on the other hand, may have less creatinine in their blood than the norm. Infants have normal levels of about 0.2 or more, depending on their muscle development. In people with malnutrition, severe weight loss, and long standing illnesses the muscle mass tends to diminish over time and, therefore, their creatinine level may be lower than expected for their age"

An abnormally high value can idicate a kidney disorder.  You should contact your doctor to be evaluate and have any helath problems ruled out.  Take care,


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