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how long we should use the Cardioc tablets

How long should a patient is supposed to use the cardioc tablets.
As my father (67 yrs )is a diabetic & on the day of below knee amputation of left leg, he got a minor heart attack(as per the doctors). Suggested with
Bisoprolal 2.5 mg (1-0-0),
Cardace 1.25 mg (1-0-0),
Atorvastatin 10 mg(0-0-1),
Clopivas-A 75(1-0-1).

later regarding the Lowering the BP (as he fallen down while shifting from wheel chair to sofa & even the shaking of hands is civiour), suggested to
Concor (Bisoprolal) 1.25 MG (1-0-0),
Tonact 10 mg (1-0-0),
Clopivas A 75 mg (0-1-0).

I heard that(from a doctor), these cardioc tablets shouldn't be used morethan 3 months.
So can i get a suggestion.
I dont know what all should i mention along with the question to give the information related to minor attack.
i can provide further info what all is required.
please suggest me in this, as the shaking of hands is still a symptom observed when he is sleeping (sometimes while is not sleeping also).
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As far as I know, those drugs are normally taking for life, of course they can low the BP but I do not relate them to "shaking hands".

What your doctor says?

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As with any medication, it depends on the benefits to the individual and of course how well you tolerate them. What I would be interested in with your case is what caused the heart attack. Was it through coronary artery disease or was it due to a clot from the surgery.

With regards to the tremors, it was probably the ace inhibitors which can be one of the side effects. You listed cardace, which is removed on the latest list.

I would personally establish the cause of the heart attack (clot from surgery, or heart disease) and then evaluate the necessary medication after three months.
If it was through surgery OR disease, then the current meds are very good for lowering the risk for a further episode, but the question is, are they needed longer term. If it was due to disease, I would strongly recommend staying on all those meds for life.
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