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hs C Reactive protein

I am a 60 yr. old female in excellent health.  Had a Life Screening series of tests recently which included blood tests (lipid panel).  Total cholesterol was 175, HDL 81, TRG 45, LDL (did not register after 2x ...was told machine registered down to 60....so ???), TC/HDL  2.1, GLU 84 (fasting), and non-HDL 93.  hsC-reactive Protein was 3.08. This was a new test for me and the  chart says that makes me at high risk for heart disease.  Have read a little bit and understand that this number is an indication of inflammation in the system. What should this number mean to me?   My question is  "I had exercised at Curves that morning before the tests, had some really sore muscles from yardwork the three previous days, have used a topical steroid (Retin A) on my face for twenty years, am in treatment for Rosacea.........could any of these things cause this number to be high, or do I need to see my doctor for further tests??????
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C-reactive protein or CRP is released during any inflammatory process that occurs anywhere in the body. An hs-CRP or high-sensitivity CRP is as it says highly sensitive and gives more accurate results than a normal CRP. Normal results should be less than 1mg/L. As you can see, your results are slightly higher, which may be due to your muscular strain. This is the most probable cause since you seem to be in good health. The best thing to do is to repeat the test after few days. If the results are still high, it’s safer to see a doctor to tell him about your treatment.

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The number on your hs C-Reactive Protein could be caused sore muscles due to inflammation.  Mine (scale 1-3) has never been under 6 and for years and used to be in the 20's for years, before starting Lipitor.  Now my number averages 6 due to the statins drug I take.    Your fasting glucose number to me seems good.  I'm not sure about the correct cholesterol number and what they should be; but, I believe your total should be under 200.
I'm sure someone else on here can give you a better answer than I though.

If your blood pressure is good and your heart sounds good, I'm not sure if I would be worried about the hs CRP.  I'm guessing the sore muscles had a play in your numbers.

Take care;  Me.
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Sorry we must have been writing at the same time.  
Good advise on; "The best thing to do is to repeat the test after few days. If the results are still high, it’s safer to see a doctor to tell him about your treatment'.
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