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interactions & reactions to verapamil

Does anyone know of any interactions between foods and verapamil ? or Allergic reactions as well.
I have been hunting on the Internet and cant find anything on it.  very little on Allergic reactions.

as I have taken this drug before, and was switched off a nasty beta blocker Toprol xl -and put on verapamil - about 3months ago.. iv been ok-  but got a few side effects, but nothing bad.. so far..
up untill today, when I got a slight burning feeling in my left arm - upper area only. had this before..
when on this drug, so it didnt shock me !  it was like here we go again !!!  

im just wondering if it could be a interaction of foods im eatting or drinking.. or a Allergic reaction.

the burning lasts about 2 to 3mins and fades then aches off and on for a while.. but goes away
b.p is down - and no other effects happen ,  I was checked for this at the Doctors office years ago
and was told it was me ?  dont worry its just a side effect !!  
then  2 weeks later - I was switched to another Medication  .. Its strange to me.
im also wondering why a doctor would put me back on a medication , I took before and had problems with ??  im at a loss here !!  
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Hi.  Been there, done that.  Toprol was horrendous for me also, it MADE my chest hurt which I had no previous problems with, caused coughing, fatigue, I actually saw trees that looked like they had a blue haze around them (visual disturbance).  My ex-doctor kept pushing this stuff, until I put my foot down.  I then went to verapamil which really helped my migraines, blood pressure.  I have no problem taking food with it, actually I have a sensitive stomach and food helps buffer the meds, so it's a must for me.  Verapamil does cause me to flush a bit, feel warm in chest, neck and face which turn red for awhile.  Since the migraines are almost gone, that's most important to me.  I do feel a bit tranquilized, but manage to get thru the day and get things done.  I'm on 240 mg., a day, verapamil ER, in CAPSULE form, I feel that the capsule form also helps with stomach issues.    Actually it’s two 120-mg. capsules, because the 240 mg. capsule is so honking huge, it choked me.  Frankly, some sources say verapamil is a mood stabilizer to boot, but I'd dispute that.  Sometimes I feel anxious for no good reason at all.  I'm on other meds, so I couldn't prove what's doing what.  I really have to concentrate on why I shouldn't pay attention to any anxiety.  It eventually goes away.  All these meds have side effects, and the old doctor's cop-out of saying it's all your fault and imagination is total BS and people are sick of hearing that malarkey.  My doctor used to tell me that the side effects I was experiencing weren’t what others were having.  I’d research the drug, found that my side effects were indeed listed; and that is why that doctor is no longer my doctor.  He wasn’t listening at all.  
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Thank you for your post - I Agree totaly with you 100% !!! hands down your 100% right !
I have to ask you, Do you get ankles swelling up ?  as I had that happen when on the
Verapamil.. Doc put me on low dose Maxzide dieretic med.  that counter acts the ankle
thing.. but it took days to stop that !   Im getting use to the verapamill again slow..
but cant say I like the burning feeling or flushing in the face , and numbness in hands or feet that happens.. off and on ...again Doc says its normal ?   I figure, its better this way
than on the Toprol xl or Diovan combo I had.  as to be honest, I was a walking zombie
for years - that is untill I switched my Hmo plan to a ppo plan open access type.
so far it seems better !  but Im watching how im treated, and what meds they give me

seems to me, the Hmo doctors are the worse ones ! pushing **** drugs on everyone !
were like Ginny Pigs..
and they are Playing God with our lifes..

thanks again  boogernose
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