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interactions of taking herbal suppliments with heart medications?

My husband is currently taking several vitamins along wih his medications. These suppliments were recommended by his doctor( vitamins E& C,and Folic acid )he had given him the ok to take additional suppliments if he wished to such as glucosamine chondroitin for joint health. He also experiences occasional gout attacts and is prescribed medications when this does happen, which is very infrequent. He unfortunately is having one at this time due to consuming to much oatmeal.Healthy diet habits to maintain heart and cholesteral health can be just the thing to trigger an unwanted "gout attact".To neutralize the uric acid in the system and help to dissolve the crystals that develope in the joint areas, several remedies are recommended. The consumption of cherries, cherry juice and some berries are a great way to help the healing process. One berry recommended is the " Hawthorn Berry" and I am reading its benefits in supporting heart health as well. My concern is if there would be any negative interactions that may occur if this suppliment is taken along with prescribed meds such as metoprolol, plavix and zestril.Would you have any information on this?
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I would not recommend mixing of these supplements with his prescription medications. Furthermore, the weight of evidence has turned against Vitamin E having a protective role in heart disease.
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The PDR for Herbal remedies lists extensive information on herbs and supplements that is not to be found anywhere else. This is the same PDR people that put out the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) for prescription medication, so it is not just some quack book like many others. Every doctor you know will have a PDR.

Anyway, many herbs interact with heart medications and if your husband is really interested in keeping up with them, he needs to find a doctor who understands both. They are few and far between, but they are out there --I haven't found a cardiologist yet who falls into this category, but a few Internists.

Also, grapefruit and grapefruit juice interacts with many heart drugs (also Fresca pop/soda has gf juice in it, so that is out too) and should be avoided at all costs.

Hope this helps,

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Dr. Reginald B. Cherry,M.D. of R.B. Cherry Clinic for Preventive Medicine in Houston,TX combines Christian principals of the Bible
Alternative Medicine,and Alliopathic or mainstream medicine in his practice. You get the best of each of these disciplines in your Dx and Rx.This forum is wonderful.--Ted
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