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interpretation of Bruce Protocol ST results

What does the following results mean:

Chest pain & ST Depression in Stage 1 Functional Capacity Moderate decrease 20-30%
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These results indicate that part of your heart was starved for oxygen a stage 1 of the test. This is what caused the chest pain and changes to your EKG. This can be cause by a reversible defect or blockage in an artery and is usually verified by a nuclear stress test of a cath. Also, it would appear that your exercise and oxygen uptake tolerance were decreased as well/

What did your doctor have to say?

Let us know.

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I looked back at the stress test procedure reports that showed an ST depression that I had, and the language wasn't the same.  However, depressions were treated seriously, and frankly when I had ST depressions, it lead to heart stents and finally, heart bypass surgery.  I agree with Jon that it sounds like you have a blockage, and suggest you procede as soon as possible to have an Angioplasty study. Hopefully, simply a balloon procedure to open the blockage can be done.  Do keep us informed.
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