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iodine allergy

I am allergic to iodine.  Recently, my cardiologist told me that the results of my ECHO showed weakening in the front part of my heart and there were two valves leaking.  I am scared stupid to have a cardiac cath due to my iodine allergy.  I am told I will be given benadryl for a few days prior.  I don't trust this.  I looked up alternative drugs for the iodine contrast and was horrified to find that the one used for MRI, MRA, and CT scans could cause a lethal illness of the kidney to which there is NO treatment or Cure.  Is there no other way to assess my heart vessels?
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I know what you mean. I went into a shock state and nearly died after I was injected with radioactive tracer I also think I am hyper sensitive to radiation because I felt very bad after normal x-ray.I had a echo dobutamine test done to see if I can find out what is wrong without having to do angiogram. They said it was normal I wanted to be sick. The doc said perhaps its micro vessel or conorary spasm, but need angio to know for sure. I have heard bad things about the ergovine and frankly I know what happened after the last scan better than anyone and I know its soo risky.I feel cornered and at the end of my tether. feel a bit better due to taking arginine but still some chest pain and most of the time really struggling to walk.I dont know what to do ,I think continue on arginine for awhile. But in your case its a different sinario, you say you have leaking valves? I dont know what else they will find or do but if they have an alternative to iodine I would do that.Its far better to have everything checked and treated than live in limbo land. If your kidneys are o.k that is.how likely is it that you would not tolerate the other stuff.? how did you find out about your iodine allergy?In any case I wish you all the best.
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I too have had an extreme reaction to radiation CT and MRI and know it has caused severe changes in my bio chemistry that is not changing back. I cannot get recognition that the burning I suffered and all else that has happened is as a direct result of the scanning but I am certain that is is.
What exactly was your reaction and how are you now?
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Just wondering if you are allergic to shellfish?  very few people are allergic to elemental iodine.  I went for a heart CT scan using dye and after I read the consent form I was concerned about kidney damage, however like all consent form all risks no matter how trivial have to be listed.  
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