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irregular heart beats and quitting smoking

iam a 22 years old male .. am 65 kg and 170 cm
i used to smoke for 4 years .. in my last year i was smoking irregularly .. i mean one day i stop and the next i smoke a week of smoking and a free one .. till i got those irregular heart beats .. which is realy annoying me .. i prefer i die and not to have those feelings ..
i do an ECG and the Dr said that i have a PACs which he said that it is  normal with stress .. but i dont know why  i feel that i have a more serious condiotion .. any way i went to a another Dr which he suspected me of mitral regurge . i make an echo and every thing was normal .. and lastly i was suspected of high thyroid horomone level .. and yet .. i make the test .. and my t3 and t4 blood level were normal ..
i realy dunno what should i do .. i dont like medication .. so i dont want to use them especially in my young age (iam 22)
am really confused .. am only 22 .. and whenever i got those irregular beats .. i stop doing any thing , and just gazing and my mind stop working .. and all what i think in is how those irregular beats will end ?!! will i die now ??
is it the end ?!! .. iam also noticing that iam having fine twtiching of the muscles  of my body . (leg face and ches)
usually i feel that my muscles are stretched .. when i do concentrate with my muscles .. i just order them to relax ..
iam realy tired .. please .. please .. some one tell me what should i do .. or what exactly iam havin inside my heart
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Hello Gaaz,

I am sorry you are having symptoms from your PACs.  If your symptoms correlate with the findings on EKG or monitor, you really have nothing to worry about.  PACs pose no long term risk to your health and there certainly is not a risk of sudden cardiac death.

If the PACs and twitching are bothering you as much as you describe, I do recommend that you speak with someone.  I am concerned that depression or anxiety may be a significant component if your symptoms.

I hope this answers your questions.   Good luck and thanks for posting.
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by the way .. i forgot to tell that i stopped smoking for 3 weeks now .. and i have changed my life style .. iam sleeping regular 7 or 8 hours every day .. i stopped having coffee at all .. but i still have those irregular beats
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I'm not the doctor, but PLEASE stop worrying. If you've been tested, then you have no reason to worry. I am 55 years old and have been having them for about 30 years. Sometimes so bad that I too thought I was going to die. I was told by my cardiologist that "yes, you may drop dead tomorrow, but it WON'T be from these irregular beats". It will take a lot of effort to get yourself to stop thinking about it and start living. You are way too young to be worrying about these, I know its hard. My irregular beats last a few months and then disappear for months, yours probably will subside in time too.
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"...iam also noticing that iam having fine twtiching of the muscles of my body ."

These are classic--and I mean classic--signs of anxiety.  

Your heart has been checked out and found to be OK, but you are clearly miserable.  I can assure you, based on my own experience, that if you now make an appointment with a nice psychiatrist (or even a counselor), you are going to start feeling better.  It doesn't mean you're nuts; it just means that you see the right doc for a particular problem.  You saw a cardio person for your heart; now, go see the right doc for anxiety.  A counselor will be able to teach you some technques to deal with your feelings.  A shrink can do the same thing, but can also prescribe meds if you need them (and they can be very useful, too).
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Hi.  I sympathize with you because when I get extra beats, I too stop whatever I am doing and gaze off into space and I get afraid that this is the end.  I have had the extra beats for almost 8 months now and I am still doing o.k. and you will too.  Hang in there.  I know it stinks to deal with this at a young age, but remember you are not alone.
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what does the heart beats feel like for you.  For me i feel a contraction sort of feeling, then there is a pause then a strong thud.  I have had an ekg, blood tests, and a holter monitor test.  all the dr said about the holter monitor test is that it was very good.  
   Should i see a cardiologist about these sensations?  I am 26 yrs old.  No medical history in family of heart trouble, no high blood pressure or anything wrong.  I am a heavy smoker though.  Sometimes i can chain smoke. Will quiting help?  I dont get these beats often.   sometimes days or a week can go by without feeling anything
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