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is this propranolol side efects?

I am male, 29 years old, very thin, with malnutrition from childhood
Since 1 year ago my upper body; upper back, chest and shoulders; gets cold when sleeping, even in a hot room.
It gets so cold that makes me wake up one hour after  sleeping at night.
when i wake up and feel my upper body with my hands it is freezing.
however my hands and feets are warm.
It gets cold when sleeping at daytime but it doesnt wake me up in daytime.
maybe it gets less cold in daytime.
Also i have had a breath shortness and a slight constant pain in my upper back in the same time.
I used to eat one propranolol10mg pill everyday for 4 years for my heart palpitation.
when I quit propranolol 2 months ago it got a little better.
I tested my thyroid and its high.
T4 is near the top of normal range and T3 is higher than normal however TSH is normal.
Can you help please about this condition?
if this is propranolol side effects how i can treat them? because I didnt eat propranolol for two months but except for the first week these symptoms didnt get better.
which drug instead of propranolol I can use with less side efects?
thank you in advance
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You thyroid is fine as your TSH is normal.  The propranolol may have caused your thyroid to be upregulated because it inhibits conversion of peripheral thyroid hormone, ie, it increases its levels.   I don't think that your thyroid is the cause of your symptoms.  Most beta blockers do this, but the ones that are more selective for the heart such as metoprolol are less likely to cause this.  
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