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large vein under right underarm with a pulling sensation

I am 35 male about 200lb and I noticed a large vein under my right underarm. I cannot totally stretch the arm without some pulling restriction. I visited my doctor and he told me to place a warm compress on it. However, he told me if I experience any coolness and numbness to come back immediately. I currently do not have those symptoms.

The large vein occurred shortly after experiencing a rash under my arm. I believe I had an allergic reaction to something which led to a rash that went away but formed a large vein under my arms.  I am concern because the vein doesn't seem to be healing.  It's been 3 days and nothing has changed. I still get a pulling pinching sensation when I stretch,  My question: should I be concerned? What is going on?


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Hi Bob,

Have you gotten any further in diagnosis of your problem or have you gotten better?  I'm experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you have. (Although  I'm 40 years old, female, and otherwise healthy as far as I know).

I went to the doctor, last Thursday, because I felt a painful lump in my right armpit.  To back track, I had been diagnosed at another time with an infected sweat gland or lymph node in my right armpit and was prescribed antibiotic & warm wet compresses were also recommended.  The previous time the antibiotic/compresses worked.  

Now last Thursday, I went back to the doctor because all that previous week again I felt the painful lump (getting bigger & more painful as each day passed) in the same location, and I figured it was the same thing as before.  The doc prescribed antibiotic (Clindamycin HCL 300 MG Caplets, 1 caplet 2X/day) & compresses again. But, I went back to the doctor today because I'm feeling worse instead of better.  I'm now getting the pulling/burning sensation down my arm when I lift it and I feel these two hard vein "things" in my pit next to where the lump is.  Also (and I don't know if this is related are not, because I type alot so may just be coincidence) but I'm also getting "tingles" in my hand & wrist since yesterday.  The doctor felt under my arm and said "I'm not sure if its a boil, but that feels like arterial to me."  He prescribed a different antibiotic, Augmentin 1000mg, and told me if I don't feel better by Monday to give him a call and he'll send me to a specialist for further testing.  Now I'm scared!!

Any info you can share would be appreciated.  Thanks...


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I have the same Issue and am also scared have you spoken to your doctor?
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Im 24 and I found a very painful lump in my left armpit which has gone down but not completely.I doesnt hurt as much but I have a very odd hard Vein that feels like its attached to it.Im scared to even think of what it can be.I know im in gods hand and he knows the end of my story.BUT its just the thought that scares me what should I do?
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i am 31 year old female work out 5 days a week so pretty healthy noticed a bump on right side under arm pit never noticed one before this time.feels like a thick hard vein attached to it very little discomfort more like a pull when i lift my arm to reach for something  have had it for about 2 months recently went to see doctor he did breast exam and felt under arm bump looked at opposite side doesnt look worried sent me for blood work and ultra sound of breasts and under arm all test came back normal he prescribed motrin and told me to come back in one week. i am a little worried. should i be worried? should i see another doctor?help.  
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I am female of 20, very health and active and the same thing is happening to me. I had an ultra sound but it came back normal but I know that there is something not right going on. HELP PLEASE??  DID you guys have any further treatment or find out what was going on??
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Hi, I'm a 30 year old female and had a sore sensation in my right armpit and thought if was in ingrown.  But a couple of days later I notices this tight elevated, sore vein.  I feel a slight tingling sensation that goes all the way down my arm.  I'm worried that it could be serious.  After reading some of your comments here, can anyone tell me what their final diagnosis is?

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