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left hand weakness and mitral valve prolapse

Hello , I'm 22 years old female ,, before 2 months I discoverd that I have Mitral valve prolapse through the echo test , due to my chest pain at first the doctor give me inderal and it wasn't effective at all , so he changed the medicine and give me concor cor 2.5 ( 1 bill in a a day ) , for the first month I felt that the pain comes from time to time which is good because before I had pains everyday ,, but in the last week I don't know what happened ,, the pain comes as before it comes everyday ,, and sometimes when the pain come I feel a weakness in my left hand although I take the medicine everyday ,, so is there anything serious ? any advice ?
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I'm really sorry I troubled you a lot

I took those values from the CD of the echo itself
and I saw those number as well sorry I didn't post it in my Previous post

AVA Vmax  1.4 cm2
AVA (VTI) 1.7 CM2
LVOT Diam 1.6 cm

D-E Excursion 2.5 cm
E-F slope 0.08 m/s

here are the videos of my echo


no not really it was concluded from the echo not the stethoscope

thanks you for your effort

I really appreciate it
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Your report is missing the left atrium dimension.  As previously stated there was a MVP problem it would enlarge the left ventricle.  Also, the report should show written conclusions?  In addition there should be a mitral valve doppler result that would provide information regarding left vventricle filling time and capacity.

IVSd   0.7cm
...This represents the dimension of the wall that separates the right and left ventricle.  It is normal and sometimes there is a birth defect.

IASd....missing. That would be the dimension of the wall that separates the left and right upper chambers...no comments on the atrium.

EF is 73% and normal is 55 to 75% and represents the aomunt of blood pumped with each heartbeat.  Calculation would be end diastolic volume (after filling left ventricle) minus blood volume after pumping.  Your EDV(Teich) 59 ml minus ESV (Teich) 16ml equals EF (Teich ) divided by EDV 59 ml equals 73 %....59-16 divided by 59 equals 73%.  You have a very good functioning heart and it is pumping well,  and there shouldn't be any chest pain related to lack of oxygenated blood.

FS 41 % is fraction shortening and determines the left ventricals pumping ability based on wall dimensions (before and after filling and pumping phase).  Above 26% is normal, and it confirms the pumping functionality as very good.

There is no evidence of any heart/valve disorder, and I doubt your left atrium is enlarged even though the dimension is missing and that would indicate a valve problem if enlarged.

You should see another doctor as you indicate you do not have high blood pressure.  The medication you take may be off label and the doctor is providing a beta blocker for anxiety, etc.??  The echo report doesn't indciate any abnormaility, but as I said in prior post the tests for your symptoms should be an EKG and/or a stress test to rule out a heart problem....  

Is your MVP concluded from a sound heard on a stethoscope?  You should not have to tolerate chest pain and a doctor should effectively treat...

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Here are the results of my Echo ,

IVSd   0.7cm
IVSs   0.9cm
LVIDd  3.7cm
LVIDs  2.2cm
LVPWd  0.9cm
LVPWs  1.3cm
EDV(Teich) 59 ml
ESV (Teich) 16ml
EF (Teich ) 73 %
SV(Teich ) 43 ml
%FS 41 %

I don't really understand anything about it he just told me that I have MVP and I should check with him each month or 2 months and I don't have high blood pressure.

I really get tired of my chest pains , I had it for three years , but I only discoved that it's related to MVP the last two months cause in the past they just told me it's muscle pain without doing any examination until I get tried of the hospitals, but in this year the pains really affect my life and I always feel that my body is weak and I have problem in sleeping as well

so what do think ? should I wait till the next check up ? or should I go now ?
and isn't there any way to get rid of this pain ? cause it's each day
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I have had moderate to severe mitral valve incompetence for more than 7 years and almost always when that condition becomes a problem there is shortness of breath. Chest pain with MVP is usually sharp but not severe if there is pain related symptoms. Very often MVP does not have symptoms and is an insignificant, common valve disorder.  For some insight, the leaflets do not tightly close over the valve opening and when the heart pumps some slight blood back flows into the upper chamber.

The doctor should distinguish whether the pain is related to a lack of oxygen to the heart muscle, or is due to another process. Many conditions are considered that can cause chest pain. Before there can be a diagnoses whether it is lack of oxygen related (ischemia) the appropriate test would be a stress test to determine the degree of oxygenated blood to heart muscle at rest and with some activity.  Another test that would be appropriate is an EKG, and if cardiovascular related the output would be NSTEMI tracing indicating possible occlusions...it seems an EKG should have been given prior to an echo!? Has there been other tests?  

If stress test and EKG rules out a perfusion deficiency disorder then other conditions would be considered such as respiratory malady that includes pulmonary embolism (clot) and or pulmonary thrombosis (clots). Also, the condition can be due costochondritis (inflammation of the cartledge of the rib cage, muscle strain or spasm and those conditions can cause a pinched nerve causing weakness of left hand.

If the MVP is serious, your echo report should show an enlargement of the upper left ventricle (atrium). Concor cor 2.5 would be treatment for high blood pressure...do you have high blood pressure.

Thanks for sharing and if you have any further question or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care.


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It depends on the context of the MVP, is it Mild, moderate or severe? Do you know your Ejection Fraction percentage from the Echo ?
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