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left side chest pain

Im a 24 yr old male, 205lbs, 6ft, cholesterol 245. I'm a very inactive person for about 4 years now, and I noticed that I can minor activities and be winded and have a fast heart rate that I can feel without putting my hand on my chest, and I also can feel it in my throat and everywhere else where you can feel your pulse. Just by walking up a flight of stairs I get super winded. I've been having recurrent localized left side chest pain for about 2 yrs now. I also have lost of skipped beat feelings. PVC's and PAC's. I've had holter, event monitor, ekgs, blood work, and echo's, all normal besides the pvc's,pac's and svt. My chest pain is on the left side of my chest about an inch and half, to 2 inches with a measuring tape from the center of my left nipple measured straight across towards the middle of my chest. At around 1 1/2 to 2 inches is where the pain always is, and also I will get some pain in my left arm, shoulder and hand. It's like a gripping,pinching, squeezing type of pain. I sometimes get tingly and lightheaded with the skipped beats. I also sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night with the pain, and like forceful heartbeats, and shortness of breath, and it will feel like I ran 10 miles and I will check my pulse and it will seem really slow. I've seen many cardiologist and they seem to not think its heart. The pain is always in the same place and happens everyday and this has been going on for  2 years and 8 months.  

1. What could cause that type of pain, and the nature of it, does it sound cardiac?

2. What could cause the feelings I have when it wakes me during the night?

3.What about the skipped beats, what could cause that, heart problems?

4.I'm scared of v-fibb for some odd reason, whats the chances of that?
5.What could cause the pain to last this long 2yrs and 8 months and still be in the same spot and never go away and still show no evidence in any of the tests that there is any blockages, and no artifact on any of my ekg’s? Could blockages present itself like this for this long period of time??

This all seems to get extremely worse when I'm away from medical care and I get anxious, but it happens everyday even when Im around medical care. Its an EVERYDAY thing, some days worse than others. When I drink I tend to not feel it, but the next days worse, and thats usually the nights it'll wake me up in the middle of the night, after I lay down and go to bed after drinking alot. I can't reproduce the pain by pressing on the area either.
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When someone is very unfit, they get up and start moving and their heart isn't as 'nimble' as it should be. If I leave my house (and I'm fit), I would start to walk very slowly and gradually increase my pace. I wouldn''t leave my house and get into an immediate gallop.
This is because the heart can get out of rhythm if forced to work hard very suddenly.
I suggest you start going for regular walks. Start off with a very slow walk, and I mean
very slow, and each time you feel comfortable with that pace, start to speed up. It could be a week inbetween pace changes. Start off with just 10 minutes for the first week and
double it each week. Don't eat more to make up for the exercise either. As you exercise, your heart will also get exercise making you fitter. After a couple of weeks you
will feel like superman. If you smoke, give up. Your symptoms all sound related to a lack of fitness. A friend of mine was exactly the same and when he started walking with me he felt like a new man. Since then he has taken up cycling and goes for many miles
at weekends.
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I also have just now figured out the feelings that I feel when I'm awoke at night by my heart palpitations.  If feels like the feeling you feel if someone was to jump out from behind something and scare the **** out of you, or the feeling when a cop turns his lights on you to pull you over, or such feeling like that, hard forceful heartbeat, not fast, kinda like shocked into a slow hard heartbeat, fluttering feeling in chest, mild left side chest pain, and short of breath.  What could cause this in the middle of the night and wake me from a sleep? Could it be potentially dangerous?  Could that trigger a deadly rythm?  I notice it happens more often after I've been drinking and go to bed, but also happens pretty frequently even when not drinking. What could this be?  
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drinking alcohol?
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