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left ventricular function

I have continuous pacing following AV node ablation two years ago and have recently developed symptoms suggesting perhaps reduced left ventricular function.  I have read some literature which gives completely opposing views - one article claims that right ventricular pacing enhances left ventricular output, but another takes the opposite view and states that it reduces LV function.  Do you have an opinion on this? My heart has been structurally normal in the past - having echo etc to check in the near future. Thank you.
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Dear Irene,

I would recommend having an echocardiogram performed by your cardiologist to evaluate your left ventricle. Right ventricular pacing probably does lead to some decrease in left ventricular function over time.  This is in part due to the fact that the heart is normally activated from the sinus node located in the right atrium. Pacemakers usually pace the heart from the right ventricle,  which alters the sequence of ventricular activation.
I would recommend regular exercise and continued follow-up with your cardiologist.

Thanks fou your question,

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hi irene,  i had an av ablation done in  the yr 2000.  I still get  what i call  flushing and either skipped beats or extra beats.  I was wondering what you mean by "pacing"?  Thank you Cynthia
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Hi Cynthia - I just meant that my pacemaker is operating continuously.
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thanks Irene    Good luck to you
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