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lexapro and PVCs

Well after avoiding the inevitable I finally decided to try Lexapro for anxiety/panic disorder which only exacberates the PVCs I get. One day on Lexapro and I feel I am getting more freaky beats - more PVCs with some runs although I woul otherwise get them anyway. Feel like **** after day one. Does anyone have any experience with Lexapro and PVCs and do they cause a worsening of the arrythmia?

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It caused my husband an increase in his anxiety an PVCs.  He's now taking Buspar, which has helped with both.
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Lexapro didn't work well for me, either. It vastly increased my anxiety and I did seem to have more palps on it, but that could have been due to hormones (as it usually is with me!).  I have decided I just can't take SSRIs and will have to find another way of dealing with my anxiety issues - though I don't quite know what that is yet!
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Lexapro made me feel alot better but it took several weeks for that to happen.  Initially, it is thought to be a bit activating in terms of anxiety but if you stick w/ it, it calms down and you should feel better.  You can also try a slow ramping up where you start w/ a 1/4 pill for a few days, then a 1/2 pill and then finally the full 10 mg.  I've had PVCs for about 5 years but the Lexapro definitely makes them better - but mine are clearly linked to anxiety.
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Try and stick with it.. If you have any concerns, speak with your physician about them... If you had medication anxiety before taking the lexapro, its a posibility what you are feeling is just the stress effect related to the lexapro than the actual lexapro.. Try and stick it out for 2 weeks and then re-evaluate your situation.
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I tried paxil, which is another SSRI, about six years ago.  It caused a major increase in pvc's, which I didn't even have a problem with back then.  Interestingly enough, I wasn't scacred about them though.  Needless to say, I stopped taking the paxil.
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Thanks for the feedback ...
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